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Why you Need A Wedding Planner 

Above All Else 

 Planning weddings throughout the valley is what we do. There is no one size fits all option when it comes to wedding planning. Every couple has a unique story, and their wedding should ultimately reflect their personalities, but often does not. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family have so many "wonderful" suggestions,  the couples' initial vision gets lost. Then there's social media – great for ideas – but the ideas never end right? How do you focus on having the wedding you truly want?

How do you put the ideas together, create a strategy and then implement this plan on your day, making sure it goes as perfectly as possible?

Hire a Professional Planner.

An experienced wedding planner knows how to navigate all of the above and gets to the heart of what speaks to you and your style.  This is what we do passionately, always remembering it's your day, your vision and our job to put it all together seamlessly!  


So, where do you start if you have never planned a wedding and are curious as to the benefit of having your own Wedding Planner?  (The answer is below).


Step 1  

Schedule a Free 30 minute Consultation 

This is our version of the meet and greet.  Let’s see if we like each other first!   If we do, then we get to work to create Your wedding as you envision it!  We have the experience and passion required, not to mention some of the best wedding professionals you could hope to have on your team!  

Every wedding is unique and so are each couples planning needs. Some couples need a little guidance and referrals to wedding service providers, while others prefer to do minor planning and then having a professional put it all together on the big day, and others want a full service planning experience from start to glorious finish!  Not sure what you need?  

Please review our Collections page for more details.

The wedding day was perfect! The way you officiated the wedding was just what I had in mind! The venue was exactly how I imagined it would be! You took everything we said and you managed to help us have the wedding day of our dreams!!!

Pamela and Matthew Teer

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